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The Evolution of the University of Michigan's "Beat Georgia" Campaign

University of Michigan's head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is setting his sights not just on reaching the playoffs, but clinching the championship title. This aspiration has led to the inception of a new practice period dubbed "Beat Georgia”.
An image of the University of Michigan football stadium

As the heat rises in college football with the approach of the fall season, the University of Michigan’s head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is setting his sights not just on reaching the playoffs, but clinching the championship title. This aspiration has led to the inception of a new practice period dubbed “Beat Georgia,” a follow-up to the university’s previously successful “Beat Ohio” campaign. Both initiatives signify Michigan’s steady growth and perseverance through challenging seasons.

An Emergence from the Shadows

The University of Michigan football’s journey towards a “championship or bust” mentality was far from a walk in the park. In 2020, the Wolverines had a dismal season, with only two wins and four losses in the COVID-shortened season. The disappointing performance called for drastic changes, triggering a significant shift in the team’s culture and strategy.

In the spring of 2021, the atmosphere in the Schembechler Hall began to change. There were widespread reports of a cultural shift, a palpable change in mood, a response to the unsatisfactory record of the previous year. The shift proved fruitful when the Wolverines bounced back with a vengeance, earning a 12-2 record, defeating Ohio State for the first time in a decade, and securing the Big Ten for the first time since 2004.

The hard work and perseverance led to Michigan’s inaugural College Football Playoff appearance, but the celebration was cut short by a crushing defeat against Georgia, the eventual two-time national champions.

The Genesis of ‘Beat Ohio’

During this transformative period in 2021, the Wolverines introduced a novel practice segment: “Beat Ohio.” This period was entirely dedicated to addressing and overcoming their deficiencies against their formidable rival, Ohio State. The Buckeyes had been conducting their own “Beat Michigan” sessions for years, emphasizing the rivalry with fanatical zeal. The Wolverines’ adoption of a similar approach was not only an attempt to catch up but also a strategy to surpass their rivals.

The “Beat Ohio” initiative turned out to be a resounding success, and Michigan is now looking forward to their third consecutive victory over the Buckeyes this November, an event hosted in Ann Arbor this year.

From ‘Beat Ohio’ to ‘Beat Georgia’

Buoyed by the success of the “Beat Ohio” period, Michigan has now shifted its focus further afield. The Wolverines are incorporating a “Beat Georgia” segment into their practice regime this year, according to The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman, as reported by Bryan Fischer.

While Ohio State is still firmly in Michigan’s sights, the move to add “Beat Georgia” indicates a shift towards a broader perspective. Last year, Michigan had expanded their focus to include all the ‘state’ schools, namely Penn State and their fellow rival, Michigan State. This decision led to an undefeated regular season before they faced a setback at the College Football Playoff semifinal against TCU.

The introduction of the “Beat Georgia” period is a significant move towards preparing for potential future encounters against the Bulldogs, who have dominated the field in recent years. There are no certainties that the Wolverines and the Bulldogs will face off in the postseason, but with Georgia’s formidable presence in college football, it’s a wise move for Michigan to brace for such a showdown.

2023 Outlook

The University of Michigan has a history of triumphing over its regular Big Ten competitor, Ohio State, having bested them in each of the two preceding seasons. Both Michigan and Georgia are distinctive in having qualified for the College Football Playoff in these two successive seasons.

During the 2022 playoff, Georgia and Michigan clashed, and it was Georgia that emerged victorious, securing a 34-11 win. The scoreline, however, does not convey the full extent of the Bulldogs’ domination. They held a formidable 27-3 lead in the initial half and overpowered a strong Michigan side.

The anticipation was that these two powerhouse programs would face off in the national championship game of the preceding year. Yet, a loss to TCU foiled Michigan’s plans. Georgia, meanwhile, triumphed over Ohio State in the Peach Bowl, and subsequently crushed TCU 65-7 in the national championship.

The Bulldogs have notched back-to-back national championship wins, a first in the College Football Playoff era. Despite needing to fill some key roles, they are once again the top contenders for the title.

It’s apparent that Georgia holds a dominant position in college football for the time being. Nevertheless, as Georgia’s head coach Kirby Smart frequently mentions, the team isn’t preoccupied with potential challengers. Their focus is inward, striving to meet their own high standards.

Smart emphasized after Georgia’s spring game, “We create our sense of urgency. The game doesn’t do it. It’s the moment we put that ball down in Sanford Stadium, and those scrimmages you had in fall camp, we’re going against the best team we play and your standard had better be right.”

He added, “If you’re not performing at your peak in practice, you’re playing against as formidable a team as you’ll face. It’s not about the team we play, guys. It’s about what we do.”

For a potential 2023 showdown with Michigan to transpire, Georgia has quite a journey ahead. They’re set to kick off the season against UT-Martin on Sept. 2. If they’re destined to clash with Michigan in 2023, it will occur in the College Football Playoff.

In Conclusion

The evolution of the University of Michigan’s football practice from “Beat Ohio” to “Beat Georgia” illustrates the team’s unwavering ambition and continuous efforts towards improvement. The Wolverines’ campaigns reflect their determination to not only match their rivals but also aim for the pinnacle of college football success: the National Championship.


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